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For his entire life Thomas has loved being in the outdoors. His parents always encouraged him to do this as they didn’t have the same opportunities growing up. He spends every moment possible alpine skiing, tour skiing, hiking, camping, canoeing, scuba diving, yoga, cycling, playing tennis and ultimate frisbee. Life would be much different for Thomas had he not had these opportunities, just like so many others around the world.

Since graduating from university he's been involved in business, sales, community and activity. He enjoys the fast pace, the challenge of solving a problem, and meeting new people all the time. He believes that handshakes should still matter as much as a signed document. Going the extra mile can mean a lot to a client as they will remember this.

Thomas has been fortunate enough to live in Alberta for ¼ of his life now. Having lived throughout many parts of the world he can honestly say that we are blessed with one of the most beautiful places on earth. The fact that we have prairies on one side and mountain on the other speaks to this natural beauty.


Why Calgary?

"Calgary has one of the highest start up rates in Canada. The average age is quite young compared to most major cities and more and more people are supporting the buy local movement."

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