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I am a visual artist based in Calgary. I create giant contemporary pieces, and also started the Bad Portrait Project in 2011. Bad Portraits was created to use and learn social media at the time, to create affordable art, to use humour in art, and most of all, to connect us all by our beautiful and rad faces without feeling the need to be perfect in every way. Anyone around the world can send me a picture and in return receive a watercolour painting highlighting their energy and transforming anything perceived as flaws into beauty. Let’s spread some joy, right?


Why Calgary?

"Calgary is one of the greatest places on earth. I have lived in many other cities, and I am so proud to call Calgary my home. We are in a very unique position here for anyone who wants to try anything new or old. Our sense of community is strong and allows us a breeding ground to try things with support all around. We also are still young, and searching for the depth that other cities have built on, meaning we get to create it! We get to decide how we want to be represented, how we can expand our culture and how we can develop our community to always feel like a small town in a big city. I am blown away daily by the people and projects coming out of our beautiful city, and I am so grateful to be a part of the energy."

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