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Parts + Labor was founded in the fall of 2015 by Jennifer Mehalko, in Calgary AB. With a background working globally as an Interior Designer for 15+ years, along with over a decade of leading yoga/movement classes on her passion-driven resume, P+L was born from the pairing of Jennifer's love for textiles, intentional details + her innate desire to exist as a catalyst for discovery. This discovery is in fact 'the LABOR' that exists as the core of the brand; the empowerment, the connection, the confidence, all through the delivery of a uniquely detailed garment, an experiential, unconventional runway show or a community elevating event, everything P+L creates is intentioned to be lived in, loved on + cherished forever.

The brand's collection consists of re-invented silhouettes, focusing on the juxtaposed materials + bold messages ... at the heart of it all, a story. Known for their sassy reverence for love, their obsession with symbolism + their creation of magnetic experiences, the brand evokes + instills uniqueness + positivity in everything they do. From the launch of their very first collection, P+L prides themselves on their local collaborations [they've launched a solid scent, a limited edition ring + leather goods - all with local artists] From pattern making, production, print + embroidery - everything is created in partnership with the most incredible artisans in Calgary AB!

We have built so many strong relationships in the fashion + health / wellness industry + will continue to leverage this LOVE to make a wholistic, BIG picture impact on our city. #stylefromtheinsideout #thisispartsandlabor


Why Calgary?

Community is everything. After having lived outside of Canada for several years, connection to community is what Jennifer craved so much. She hunted for it in every city her + her husband settled in + they both were determined to be a part of building + elevating + supporting, wherever they chose to settle. Life can change in an instant, but your HOME is created where you land + can be the MOST present, TODAY. Making an impact + making the best of these lives + this beautiful city we have landed in, through loving + living in the moment.

Calgary is a city that we saw real growth in, in the time we were away. The one thing that has always remained a constant is the community's desire for culture + experience in their's so RAD to see it changing + growing every day by people taking risks + sharing their talents + stories.

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