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David is the Brand Alchemist & Digital Jedi for the agency Brand is Truth. He believes people and businesses should spend more time uncovering their big dreams; tell the truth and not be afraid to make ripples!

I like to talk about all the shit we're told is not appropriate to talk about, you know life. The magic that worked, the ☠️ crap that didn't. The dreams we aspire to and the challenges that stop us from pursuing them. Those are the stories that define and mold us into the people we are.

We help organizations uncover their deeper reason for being. How they want to make a bigger impact and still be profitable.

I want to help create more vibrant thriving communities and cultures where people are excited to create together and more willing to step into their own greatness; loving the life they're living.


Why Calgary?

I was born in Calgary. And while I left for 15 years, I really felt like I needed to come back and make my mark here, to tap into our unique ethos of "go-getter" culture and help organizations here be heard and better understood for more than just what they do. For their contribution to making a bigger impact in the world.

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